Saturday, November 26, 2011

You are now informed: Decade for Road Safety 2011-2020

Did you know...
  • At least 2 vehicles on a major highway in the Philippines get involved in a road accident every hour
  • an average of 50 road crashes occur every day
  • 80% of road accidents are caused by avoidable human error
  • 64% of drivers said vehicle malfunction due to neglect of machinery is to be blamed for road accidents
  • 44% admitted their accident was caused by overspeeding
  • 22% said they were involved in a road accident due to failure to follow traffic rules
Based on the data of Safe Kids Philippines,  road accidents in the country kill 7 children daily, cause injuries to 400 kids every day.  Road accidents is the 2nd leading cause of unnatural deaths in the country, with children the most vulnerable to this danger.
The years 2011-2020 have been declared by the United Nations as the "Decade of Action on Road Safety" - an advocacy to create more awareness and action towards the rising number of road related accidents/deaths worldwide, particularly in 3rd world countries.

The advocacy requires motorist to take the Road Safety Pledge, a simple pledge that reminds motorist to exhibit responsible on-road behaviour such as using seatbets, not driving under the influence and not using a cellphone while at the wheel. 

In line with this, the BPI Family Savings, through its volunteerism arm, BPI Bayan, ties up with the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) to promote the "Spread the Pledge Campaign".   This campaign targets at least 500,000 motorists in Metro Manila to take the pledge. 

This partnership between AAP and BPI Bayan aims to raise awareness among drivers and car owners about their inherent responsibility as road users to ensure that they keep their car in good working condition, be physically/psychologically fit to drive, focus attention on the road and follow all road laws and regulations.

How can you help?
  1. Visit and like BPI Bayan Facebook Fanpage and "like" the Road Safety Pledging Campaign;
  2. Read and accept the condition of the pledge;
  3. Share on your wall!
That easy!  The goal is to make 500k people aware, pledge and follow the road safety pledge.  By doing so, we could help save lives.
Special guest, a now wiser Christopher Lao also took the pledge.