Friday, November 25, 2011

Jamba Juice Now Blending with the Country’s Dynamic Lifestyle

Press Release

The name famed for refreshingly delicious drinks and better-for-you snacks—one which has become synonymous with dynamic living in California —is now in the Philippines to complement the refreshment needs of the country’s growing active market.

Known for being a category-defining leader in blended beverages and delectable snack bites, Jamba Juice shares its flavorful products for the first time in Southeast Asia as it opens its first outlet in Bonifacio High Street Central.

“We chose Bonifacio High Street Central as it is known for being the go-to destination for a rising number of urbanites who live dynamic lifestyles—the same market Jamba Juice has successfully captured in California,” shares Sharon Fuentebella, Managing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines.


From smoothies to juices, from yogurt to oatmeal, Jamba Juice is bringing the same products and technology to the country so that Filipinos can have the Jamba Juice experience and find out firsthand why it has been a runaway favorite among American celebrities and urbanites alike since its inception in 1990.

“High quality is a major recipe of Jamba Juice that is why all its products are made only with whole fruits,” says Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager of Jamba Juice Philippines.

Gamboa adds that the brand offers more than just uniquely blended beverages. “Jamba Juice represents the ideals of a lifestyle anchored on active living, exceptional quality, and a heritage that highlights better-for-you options for people on-the-go.”

A well-loved heritage

Jamba Juice, a business that celebrates a healthy lifestyle, now boasts over 744 stores worldwide,
and its entry into the Philippine market is made possible by The Max's Group of Companies.

As one of the biggest food brands that has been operating inside and outside the country for more than 60 years, The Max's Group of Companies is known for introducing the much-loved Max’s Restaurant and Max’s Corner Bakery, and for bringing a world-renowned doughnut brand to the Philippines.

Fuentebella discloses that Jamba Juice’s pioneer store will be followed by 40 company-owned locations in the next 10 years. And because The Max’s Group of Companies’ growing food portfolio has provided them with a new perspective on the eating habits of the Filipino, they are optimistic about Jamba Juice growing into a well-loved brand in the country.

“Jamba Juice is armed with the same values that the Max’s Group of Companies introduced to Filipinos. As a groundbreaking milestone for the company and for the Philippine market, we are excited to see how the brand will continue to cater to this dynamic and growing market,” says Fuentebella.