Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fortune ForEx

Braving the business district jungle of Ortigas is not my thing.  I always ride at the backside of an FX mainly because it's more spacious as compared to the middle where the pack in 4 people and you start feeling claustrophobic not to mention getting your co-passenger body scent clinging to you, no better than riding infront where the driver " accidentally" touches your left knee from time to time.  Ugh! 

But I did go to Ortigas to attend a class that would help me know more about ForEx and how to trade.

To date, 3.5 Billion is in circulation in the ForEx market. Some may ask, what is ForEx? Simple:  it is the buying and selling of currencies and profiting from the currencies prices. Unlike buying stocks where you wait for the stock prices to go up and sell them for money, your investment in the ForEx market is always liquid, meaning your money is always in "money" form, only in a different currency.

The concept is simple, you buy money with money and you sell money for more money. The trading of ForEx, however, is a different story.

Good thing there is someone who can help you. Mark So, the co-founder and chairman of Businessmaker Academy.  He started trading and investing in currencies back in 1998. I would say, almost 13 years in the industry, garnered him a lot of experiences and makes him qualified to teach/train in the subject of currency trading, not to mention 8 other businesses under his belt. Mark is very friendly and a jolly fellow. Approachable at all times when you start feeling a little dumb and not understand what he is saying but believe me, during the ForEx orientation and Fortune ForEx crash course that I attend, layman's terms is always in play so don't worry about feeling out of the loop.

Anyway, if you have a little spare time, why not attend the orientation for FREE? (Normally priced at 500php)  The next one is scheduled for February 12, Saturday at the Philippine Stock Exchange, West Tower. The session is an overview of the industry and will help you decide whether ForEx trading is for you. It's only 2 hours and after that, you can go to Mega Mall to shop and do whatever you like since it's not that far.

Here's the link to get the free orientation:

By the way, this is not a get rich scheme and most definitely, this is NOT NETWORKING, wherein you work your ass off and your "business associates" benefits because they joined ahead of you. If and when you decide to do trading, you work for yourself and not for any company.

Having attended the crash course yesterday, I learned how to compute for profit or loss, understand the trending of the market and how to use the platform for trading (oh yeah, you trade online), been using a demo account in vain for over a month and I didn't know what I was doing. Learning was fun. After a long while, I am now the student and not the trainer. No more frustrations for me.

With that said, I will pursue my learning some more and enrolled in the full course. Good luck to me! Yey

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So I'm a virgin...

It's not what you may think it is.  What I meant is that I'm a virgin to blogging.   It's a lazy afternoon and my non-blood-related brother, Myke, asked me if I want to start blogging to share my thoughts on various things.  I got intrigued and I said yes.  "Mommy blogger" is what he labeled me, in which, I opposed to right away.  His label of me made me sound old and I am not.  Since I was intrigued, I then proceed in asking him which site I should use, he then referred me here.  I am very much interested to vent out my feelings and insights on things, thus,my decision to blog. 

With my freshly made, warm, and yummy nacho chips with cheese and salsa resting beside me I am now in the process of learning the interface, how to fix the settings, etc.
What to write about?  I actually love food/cooking so maybe once in a while that would be my topic amongst other things.

So here I go, taking a deep breath upon entering the bloggers' world...

This is me.